Essay on should animals be used in research

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· Nowadays animal experiments are widely used to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. Some people argue that these experiments should be banned because it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, while others are in favour of  · More generally, the bioscience community accepts that animals should be used for research only within an ethical framework.

The UK has gone further than any other country to write such an ethical framework into law by implementing the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act On the other hand, there may be alternative methods that should be used instead of animal experimentation.

Then, of course, it is cruel and unethical to use animals.

Animal use in Medical Research

For example, in some experiments in-vitro methods can be used as an alternative to using live student essays/animal. Simply give us the specifications and parameters of what you need and your payable range of prices.

We will proceed to locate and fulfill your needs at an incredibly efficient time used-research-essay-should. Animals should not be hurt without any meaning or purpose, but comparing to scientific research, we are compelled to hurt them, because animals are necessary of use in product development plus currently this is the only way to test products and will continue to be used to ensure our safety.

Jun 04,  · So, should animals be used for research? The question is opened and there is no any ban for making animal researches, so they are still held in biological institutions.

All is important now is that all animal testing should be provided with safe technologies, as the life of animals must be respected/5(22).

Essay on should animals be used in research
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