Odysseus a man of virtues

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Odysseus: Fascinating Man and His Many Transformations

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The Odyssey: Virtues And Vices

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brief exploration of ancient Greek conceptions of virtue. Homeric Virtues For Homer, a virtue 2 is an attribute which enables a free man to fulfill his role in life and death.

Odysseus, the protagonist in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, displays the traits of a hero—a Homeric hero—throughout the tale. Zeus speaks with Athena at the start of the epic and extols the.

Odysseus is a combination of the self-made, self-assured man and the embodiment of the standards and mores of his culture. He is favored by the gods and respected and admired by the mortals. Even the wrath of Poseidon does not keep him from his homecoming. He is confident that he represents virtue even when a modern audience might not be so sure.

This self-control is the first of many virtues Odysseus must exercise in order to survive the encounter with the natural, monstrous beast. When Odysseus and his men decide to blind Polyphemos, they use the symbols of the three most important technologies at the time, metalworking, shipbuilding, and agriculture.

When Odysseus does return he organizes the slaughter of all the suitors by only him, Telemachus, and two loyal commoners. Penelope patiently raised her son to be a man among men in Odysseus’ absence. When the time came Telemachus demonstrated the tactical virtues. Anyone with children knows that child rearing requires patience.

But so. The Odyssey: Virtues And Vices In the epic, the Odyssey, many showings of virtues and vices were displayed. Some actions were common back in the mythological era but if done in modern times, they would be unacceptable.

Odysseus a man of virtues
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