Training of employees in itc

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Training & Development - A vital part of HR function in Hotel Industry

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Training and Retraining your Manufacturing Employees

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Maintenance and reliability training

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FITC was established in as a non profit organisation limited by guarantee, based on the Company's Act ofin response to the recommendations of the Pius Okigbo Committee set-up by the Federal Government of Nigeria to review the Nigerian financial system.

Here at ITC. ITC specialises in support services, marketing and software development. Founded in with just a handful of employees, we now. Get Top Management, MD, CEO, HR Manager Contact details with Email id of ITC Ltd- Food Division in Bangalore / Bengaluru.

Address, contact numbers, contact details of CIO, Chief Finance Officer CFO, HR Head, Sales Head, Purchase Head, Admin Head, Marketing Head or Manager also available. ITC Learning provides user-friendly approaches to training your employees.

One of the best things about ITC Learning’s training program is that the class can be done on-site at your company.

Code of Conduct

All your employees need is a computer with internet access.

Training of employees in itc
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